With great joy and pride we present the irreplaceable ally of our foundation. Thanks to his commitment, support and extraordinary passion for our mission, we are able to effectively achieve our goals. Meet our extraordinary Sky Ambassador, whose enthusiasm and dedication to the cause are an inspiration to us all.

Prof. Michał o. zembala

European specialist in cardiology and vascular surgery (FETCS) and clinical transplantology. Expert in the field of transcatheter treatment of aortic valve diseases TAVI. He specializes in the treatment of patients with severe heart failure, performing both heart transplantation, implantation of artificial heart chambers (LVAD) and artificial heart (TAH). He performed the first artificial heart implantation in Poland (Syncardia) and the first successful heart retransplantations, introducing this form of therapy to the standard of care in the case of end-stage failure of a transplanted heart. He developed the method of hybrid ablation of atrial fibrillation.

Source: https://www.michal-zembala.pl